South Valley Solutions is about helping people, companies, nonprofit organizations and government agencies build “bridges.” Serving clients in the Southwest and Southeast United States, South Valley Solutions was formed to help people and organizations achieve their goals and develop their projects and programs – sometimes in the face of opposition and conflicts.

Services offered by South Valley Solutions include mediation, negotiation, conflict resolution, group facilitation, land-use and environmental consultation, code enforcement interpretation, public and news media presentation, and strategic planning. South Valley Solutions also serves as a liaison between the client and government agencies and community groups.

Jack Hardisty and Deirdre Gill Hardisty serve South Valley Solutions’ clients with more than three decades of experience and professional training in urban planning and land-use development, public administration, nonprofit administration, strategic planning, negotiation, community and government relations, economic analysis, mediation and dispute resolution.

Dianne Hardisty, an award-winning veteran journalist, assists individuals and businesses with their public relations and marketing needs. She specializes in helping clients put complex and technical issues into “plain-speak” news, feature and opinion articles for publication in newspapers, magazines, trade publications and newsletters, and to post on the Internet.